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Our VR content “CIRCLE of SAVIORS” was released in July 2016. While groping as experimental content, it has attracted attention at TOKYO GAME SHOW and continues to the present. However, until now, we have been operating only the arcade without full-scale development. Although there were financial problems, we recognize that VR has some major problems in making games from the beginning of development, and if you do not solve those problems, you will not be able to win the latest game I thought that I could only make it, and I thought that I would develop it after the market expanded and various problems were solved by a large-scale development team or hardware. However, unfortunately, it has not been resolved yet. And a few years ago, I started to work on solving some problems on my own.

2016年7月に我々のVRコンテンツ“CIRCLE of SAVIORS”は公開されました。実験的なコンテンツとして手探りの中、TOKYO GAME SHOWにおいて注目を集め現在に至ります。しかし、現在に至る迄、本格的な開発を行わずアーケードのみの運用を行なってまいりました。資金的問題もありましたが、開発当初から我々は「VRはゲームを作る上で幾つかの大きな問題を抱えている」と認識しており,その問題を解決しなくては、熟成された今のゲームの足元にも及ばないものしか我々には作る事ができないと考え、市場が拡大して様々な問題が規模の大きい開発部隊やハード的な部分によって解決されるのを待ちました。しかし、我々が考える問題点は残念ながら解決される事なく今を迎えています。そこで、数年前より幾つかの問題を自力で解決しようと少しずつ取り組みを始めました。

Three big problems we think


First of all, it is to make the contents understandable even for non-experienced people who do not wear head mounted display. I thought that the subjective image alone would not convey the relationship between operation and phenomenon and the fun of VR itself. We achieved it with high quality at an early stage using a means called MR, but we could not solve it with home video games. I also suffered from a problem peculiar to East Asia that it was embarrassing to be seen by others in the arcade. Therefore, we are planning to solve the problem by repeating experiments so that Vtuber’s know-how and technology can be incorporated into the game as a virtual avatar at an early stage, and implementing various functions considering distribution on YouTube etc. I will. At this stage, the animation of the avatar from a third party’s point of view is not enough, including the problem of communication processing, but we have prepared some solutions, we hope it gets better after additional experiments.


Second is the issue of movement. This is a more complicated and unpleasant part than existing games, including operation methods and sickness. We found it difficult to establish an existing game level without resolving this part. If you simply control the movement with a controller, there is no need to be VR except for the ride system game. In solving this problem, we have set the following goals.


The movement only with a 6-axis head mounted display in a space of about 3m x 3m without using a controller.
Must be reduce sickness as much as possible.



The problem of movement tends to focus on the sickness part, but we first focused on improving operability and proceeded with development. This is because I thought that it was necessary to operate with the feet that can move sensuously as the basis of the operation. Through trial and error, we have developed a mechanism called a virtual walker, and we believe that we have already acquired a patent and have established a new simple and sensuous operation mode for movement. In the future, I would like to pursue reduction of sickness and lighter operation.


The final issue is the inevitability of VR. Even if you make an existing game into VR, it will not be interesting, and you will face the problem of inevitability. Thinking about the inevitability of VR and what is interesting that can only be done with VR, collecting observation data by store management, making dozens of mini games and experimental software, and thinking about what is interesting that only exists in VR, one I made a hypothesis and started building VR GAME.


Reason for video release


Initially, these contents were planned to be implemented at arcade stores, but due to the economic impact of COVID-19, we decided that it would be difficult to use the arcade business method, so we hurriedly started developing for home use in March. I started to search. If we were to develop on a zero basis, we would go back to the starting point and started development thinking that the CIRCLE of SAVIORS, which we really wanted to achieve at the beginning of development, can now be achieved. At this stage, the basic system part has been completed, and the part related to GAME victory or defeat has not been actually implemented, so you cannot play it.

当初、これらの内容はアーケード店舗向けに実装される予定でしたが、コロナ禍を受け、アーケードでの事業方式では難しいと判断し急遽3月よりコンシューマー向けでの開発を模索しはじめました。ゼロベースで開発をするのであれば原点に立ち返り、開発当初本当に実現したかったCIRCLE of SAVIORSを実現すべきではないかと考えプロジェクトをスタートさせました。現段階では基礎システム部分ができた段階で、実際にゲーム勝敗に関する部分の実装はされていませんので現時点では配布などして実際に遊んでもらうにはもう少しかかります。

normally, We had to talk about the content itself instead of such a sentence, but it was a development that started in a hurry due to the economic impact of COVID-19, and it is possible to continue development while incorporating the opinions of users. At the same time as searching for means, it was released in this way to know if what we are aiming for is acceptable to everyone. We are thinking of distributing it free of charge so that you can try out some of the functions as soon as possible, but we believe that the future path will be determined by how everyone responds to the content released this time. We look forward to your support and cooperation.


From all the staff