The core architect of Five for that realizes Mixed Reality:
"Smartphone of VR arcade"

"MR-BOX" is Five for's proprietary technology of MR; developed
to solve the problem in existing VR contents.

VR has a problem that audience can see nothing, although VR is wonderful technology. As a solution, we developed"MR-BOX"which realize Mixed Reality by combining VR technology and broadcasting technology.

However, "MR-BOX"will make it much easier, since it's mounting contents and arcade operation within, and applying safety measure. All you need is just deciding 'how many BOXes' depending on your space, and placing them!

●TV program: Virtual document of TV ASAHI 'VR makes dreams coming true (YUME MIRU VR)'
●TV commercials: Event of FANTA in Taiwan, with Aimi Sekiguchi(cooperation of MR synthesize)

Photo: 'VR makes dreams coming true' of TV ASAHI

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